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Model: Number Fans (0-9 with decimal)
Number Fans (0-9 with decimal)..
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Model: 0-20 Number Line - Traditional Desk Tape
0-20 Number Line - Traditional Desk Tape..
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Model: 100square Table top Pack 25
100square Table top Pack 25..
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Model: 1286 Grouping circle
Pack 6 grouping circles..
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Model: 1477A Pegboards
Pack 5 pegboards..
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Model: 22mm Counters
Counting chips bag 500..
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Model: 24HR & 12 Ang/Digiatl clock
Geared, colour-coded clocks let you demonstrate time concepts to the whole class and assess student understanding. Analogue and Digital Time Teacherâ„¢ shows the corresponding digital time and features an AM/PM window. Digital windows open and close for ass-24HR-12HR..
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Model: 30cm Plastic ruler
30cm Plastic ruler..
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Model: 3106102 Number Fans (0-9 wirh decimal)
Pack 10 Number fans 0-9 with decimal point...
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Model: 41249V87 Threading Animals
41249V87 Threading Animals Enhance eye-hand coordination with this huge set of threading animals. Children learn to focus on the task at hand and will improve their fine motor skills at the same time. 32 lacing shapes, 16 laces, 90 cm..
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Model: 54300 3D Connecting Camels - Pk96
Meets Numeracy Curriculum requirements. Explores Number, Algebra, Shape and Space, Measurement and Data. Promotes counting, number recognition, estimation and mental maths recall. Cyclic patterns, perimeters and measuring can be explored by connecting camels together. Specification Three sizes (we..
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Model: 54312 Connecting Camels Sequencing Cards
Sequencing cards for use with Connecting Camels sets. Connecting Camels are sold separately Contents: 20 laminated colour cards graded from levels 1 to 5 and teacher's notes..
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