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Model: 30cm Plastic ruler
30cm Plastic ruler..
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Model: Counting Stick
For whole class mental arithmetic - 1m long and scratch resistant, high quality plastic with the look and feel of polished wood. Printed on three sides: 0-100, sectioned into 10 and sectioned into 4. 1 side blank for estimation. Teachers notes included..
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Model: Electronic Wind speed meter
Electronic Wind speed meter..
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Model: LER 0365 Tape Measure (10m)
LER 0365 Tape Measure (10m) Easy wind up tape is marked in cm and mm on one side and inches and feet on the other. Durable casing for years of use...
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Model: LER 0808 Simple Stopwatch
LER 0808 Simple Stopwatch Start, stop and clear with three simple buttons! •Easy-to-use stopwatch •Chunky design is ideal for small hands •Simple three button function; green for go, red for stop and yellow for clear •Large digital display shows minutes, seconds and 1/1000 seconds â€..
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Model: LER0897 1litre Pan Balance
Explore basic measurement concepts with this durable balance Ages 5-11 Perfect for measuring and comparing up to 2kg in the 1,000ml (1 litre) pans. Made of durable plastic with sliding compensators for zero adjustment. Includes five each of 5g and 10g plastic stacking weights. Balance measures 61..
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Model: Liquid Measuring Jugs
Students practise liquid measurement with suggested activates included. Made of durable plastic, each piece is clearly marked to provide years of use. Set includes 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre...
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Model: Measuring tapes 60cm
60cm Measuibg tapes pack 10..
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Model: Meter Stick
Meter stick..
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Model: Multi functional balance
Square plastic buckets with lids. Each bucket contains 1 liter. The children can read the volume of liquids and small parts on the scales of the bucket. Each bucket has a lid. These lids can become pans for use with small objects or to hold the weights. 1..
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Model: Rain gauge
Rain gauge..
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Model: Thermometer
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