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Model: Dot Dice in red. black white pack 30
Dot Dice in red. black white pack 30 ..
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Model: Foam Dice
Colourful 4cm dice add fun to gameplay and maths activities. Set of 2-Foam Dot Dice-Foam Number Dice..
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Model: LER7694 Jumbo Polyhedral Dice
Perfect for quiet individual or group activities, this set of five soft foam polyhedral dice includes dice with 4, 8, 10, 12 and 20 sides. Use to explore addition, subtraction, greater and less than, are more!..
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Model: NP11 6 Number Spinners
Use these flexible fun spinners to help with early number work and counting. Ideal for creating your own fun games or use them as a quieter alternative to dice. Use the spinners to find the difference between two numbers; compare different numbers; find m..
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