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Model: 24HR & 12 Ang/Digiatl clock
Geared, colour-coded clocks let you demonstrate time concepts to the whole class and assess student understanding. Analogue and Digital Time Teacherâ„¢ shows the corresponding digital time and features an AM/PM window. Digital windows open and close for ass-24HR-12HR..
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Model: LER 0572 Wipe-Clean Student Clocks (Set of 10)
LER 0572 Wipe-Clean Student Clocks (Set of 10) Its always time to learn with these great value student clocks These laminated clocks feature movable plastic hands and a place to write in the digital time. Student Clocks measure 11cm square...
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Model: LER2094 12 hour clock
This 12-Hour Demonstration Clock is a great way to help kids grasp time-telling skills. Hidden mechanism maintains correct hour and minute relationships. This clock has easy-to-read hour and minute markings, with a removable stand and Activity Guide...
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Model: LER2202 Gear Clock
Engage small groups or individual students in time-telling activities with these student clocks. Color-coded hour and minute functions...
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Model: M45 12 & 24 Hour Flip chart clock
This large flip chart is a great way to teach telling the time on the hour, half-hour, quarter hour, or in 10-, 5-, and 1-minute increments. Excellent for whole class instruction or individual/group work. The clock face has moveable, colour-coded hour and..
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Model: Sand Timer
Sand timers each colour coded. Perfect for use in games, and timing experiments. Size: 160 x 70mm..
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Model: Stamp Pad
Stamp Pad..
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