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Model: 03011 Half-Scale Anatomical Torso
Half sized, 11 piece dissectible anatomical torso, consisting of realistically coloured and detailed body parts in the correct proportion and location. Comes complete with a photo-copiable key to parts, ideal for pupils to learn n about the major organs a..
€94.50 €105.00
Ex Tax:€94.50
Model: 23010 Electric Motor
1.5 to 3V DC motor with 2mm output shaft..
€0.99 €1.10
Ex Tax:€0.99
Model: 23016 Crocodile Clip Lead Set Pack10
Ready wired lead set with various coloured cables for easy identification. Good for experimentation. Length 30mm...
€4.49 €4.99
Ex Tax:€4.49
Model: 23019 1.5V bulbs Pack10
1.5V bulbs pack 10..
€2.48 €2.75
Ex Tax:€2.48
Model: 23031 Batten Bulb Holders Pack 10
Batten bulb holders pack 10..
€4.95 €5.50
Ex Tax:€4.95
Model: 23139 1.5V Buzzer
1.5V Buzzer..
€2.25 €2.50
Ex Tax:€2.25
Model: 23468 Large Bell Push Switch
Large bell push switch..
€3.38 €3.75
Ex Tax:€3.38
Model: 34028 Bug Hunters (Pooters) sold individually
Made to our own design using standard d 90cc vials with integral safety filter and colour coded suction and breather tubes. sold individually..
€4.23 €4.70
Ex Tax:€4.23
Model: 37040 7.5cm Funnel
Funnels 7.5cm assorted sizes pack 4..
€7.48 €8.31
Ex Tax:€7.48
Model: 48011 A6 Mirrors
Single-sided optically excellent plastic mirrors. Simply score the surface with a sharp edge pack 10..
€9.89 €10.99
Ex Tax:€9.89
Model: 48154 Interactive Kaleidoscope Set
The set contains: a sealed viewing tube with kaleidoscope mirrors in place and three alternative end pieces (a standard kaleidoscope, a fish eye lens to give multiple image effects and a pot which can be filled with your items). V iewing tube: 160mm x 30m..
€7.19 €7.99
Ex Tax:€7.19
Model: 48157 Colour Paddles
Transparent colour paddles in 6 different colours. Paddles have a hole in the handle so they can be strung together. Paddle length 150mm...
€5.39 €5.99
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