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Model: 03011 Half-Scale Anatomical Torso
Half sized, 11 piece dissectible anatomical torso, consisting of realistically coloured and detailed body parts in the correct proportion and location. Comes complete with a photo-copiable key to parts, ideal for pupils to learn n about the major organs a..
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Model: Foam Cross-Section Model
Show students what's beneath the surface of their own teeth with this 12.5cm foam cross-section model. Model is labelled on one side with the main parts of a tooth, the other half is labelled with letters for assessment. Activity Guide included.Show student's what's beneath the surface of the differ..
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Model: LER3334 Anatomy Model Heart
Your young scientist can manipulative the inner workings of the human body as they build these models, each realistically detailed with parts that can be removed, observed and fitted back into their correct positions in the body. Each model include a disp..
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