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Model: CER20 Bar Magnets Set
A set of 20 solid, painted (red/blue) magnets for general use in xploring magnetism. Colour coded for easy identification and supplied in a snap top case. Magnet size 14 x 10 x 50mm..
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Model: FR240705X10 Ring Magnets 24mm
Ring Magnets 24mm Dia Pk10..
€4.46 €4.95
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Model: FRSETC Floating Ring Set
A set of 5 colour plastic encased ring magnets with a plastic stand to create a floating magnet trick. Children achieve this simply by stacking the rings with like poles facing each other so they repel..
€7.19 €7.99
Ex Tax:€7.19
Model: GSMKIT First Experiments Magnetism Set
Contains 4 wands, 20 magnetic marbles, 2 plastic cased magnets, a super magnet, a set of floating ring magnets, a small horseshoe magnet and a compass magnet. All components slot into a purpose made plastic moulded carry box for easy counting out and coun..
€43.20 €48.00
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Model: HSSET Set of 3 Horseshoe Magnets
Set of 3 chrome steel horseshoe magnets with keepers, in a plastic wallet,one each of sizes 75, 100 & 125mm..
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Model: IFBUB Round Iron Filings Bubble
Filings encased in a plastic bubble,85mm Dia..
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Model: LER0790 Horseshoe-Shaped Magnets Set 6
LER0790 Horseshoe-Shaped Magnets Great for small groups or individual learning. Measure 12.5 cm. Set of 6...
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Model: MAR100 Magnetic Marbles
These plastic cased marbles look like colourful plastic balls, but each one contains a'magnet so they stick together, hang together and pull towards and away from each 'other - as a first introduction to the magical world of magnetism they are great fun '..
€15.29 €16.99
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Model: MCU20 Metal Cube
Set includes cubes of copper, brass, aluminium, mild steel, stainless steel and bronze. Ideal for experiments to demonstrate magnetic properties and classifications of different metals. 20mm. Set 6..
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Model: PCB80 Bar Magnet Pk2
Strong magnets enclosed in tough plastic outer casings 'colour coded red for north and blue for south. '80 x 22 x 10mm...
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Model: PHS12 Horseshoe Magnet
A popular red & yellow plastic horseshoe magnet with keeper. The ideal magnet for early experiences of magnetic forces. Size: 120mm high...
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Model: WAN06 Magnetic Wand
Magnetic wand set 6..
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