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Classroom Resources

Classroom Resources
Model: Foam Cross-Section Model
Show students what's beneath the surface of their own teeth with this 12.5cm foam cross-section model. Model is labelled on one side with the main parts of a tooth, the other half is labelled with letters for assessment. Activity Guide included.Show student's what's beneath the surface of the differ..
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Model: Foam Dice
Colourful 4cm dice add fun to gameplay and maths activities. Set of 2-Foam Dot Dice-Foam Number Dice..
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Model: FR240705X10 Ring Magnets 24mm
Ring Magnets 24mm Dia Pk10..
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Model: FRSETC Floating Ring Set
A set of 5 colour plastic encased ring magnets with a plastic stand to create a floating magnet trick. Children achieve this simply by stacking the rings with like poles facing each other so they repel..
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Model: Fun Brick
Fun Brick..
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Model: Funbricks- Animals
Funbricks- Animals..
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Model: G13 Sentence Builder Flip Book
G13 Sentence Builder Flip Book This unique flip-stand provides the ideal way to teach children about the structure of sentences. The book is double-sided with different themes and sentence structure on each side. To aid learning, parts of speech are colour-coded into pronouns, nouns, verbs, adverbs,..
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Model: G15 High Frequency Word Flip Book
Use this double-sided High Frequency Word flip book to help pupils understand how words make up sentences. Containing words taken from the first 200 high frequency words learnt, this is the perfect resource to increase student's confidence in building sentences at an early level. One side display se..
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Model: Geometric strips
Bag of 68 strips various sizes..
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Model: GHSMAG Giant Horseshoe Magnet
Powerful magnets (with North and South poles clearly marked) are housed at the ends of this impressive giant horseshoe magnet. Size 210mm high...
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Model: Grammar & Spelling Rules Directory
W04 Spelling Rules Directory This colourful, illustrated spelling aid will teach children the tips and tricks that make spelling easier. The Spelling Rules Directory introduces spelling conventions and guidelines that generalise across many words. Rules are divided into positioning, suffixes and spe..
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Model: GSMKIT First Experiments Magnetism Set
Contains 4 wands, 20 magnetic marbles, 2 plastic cased magnets, a super magnet, a set of floating ring magnets, a small horseshoe magnet and a compass magnet. All components slot into a purpose made plastic moulded carry box for easy counting out and coun..
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