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Classroom Resources

Classroom Resources
Model: Merit Stickers
Merit Stickers - English Pack 280Merit Stickers  - Irish Pack 280..
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Model: Meter Stick
Meter stick..
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Model: Mixed box 800 Reward stickes
Mixed box 800 Reward stickes..
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Model: ML300ASST Magleads 300mm
Make working electrical circuits instantly with these ingenious leads fitted with a tiny powerful magnet at either end. Assorted Colours Pk10..
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Model: MO4 One to Hundreds flip stand
Introduce students to place value concepts with this large flip stand. Each page is colour-coded to show the difference between place values. On the reverse are dot patterns to provide a quick visual representation of the place value. Measures 230mm x 135..
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Model: Mobilio Class pack
Mobilio Class pack..
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Model: Mobilio Group set
Mobilio Group set..
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Model: Multi functional balance
Square plastic buckets with lids. Each bucket contains 1 liter. The children can read the volume of liquids and small parts on the scales of the bucket. Each bucket has a lid. These lids can become pans for use with small objects or to hold the weights. 1..
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Model: Multiplication & Division Bingo
Multiplication & Division facts o-12 up to 36 players..
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Model: NP11 6 Number Spinners
Use these flexible fun spinners to help with early number work and counting. Ideal for creating your own fun games or use them as a quieter alternative to dice. Use the spinners to find the difference between two numbers; compare different numbers; find m..
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Model: NP15 4 Olympian Number line games
Race to success in maths by visualising key number concepts using these innoGSTive 5 write-on-wipe-off board games. Hop skip jump and hurdle your way along number lines to position and compare numbers to 50 & 100; Round numbers to the nearest 10. Count on..
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Model: NS20 Place Value Puzzles
NS20 Place Value Puzzles Learn numeric and written representations for a given amount with these fantastic new puzzles. Help pupils to understand the systematic progression of our number system in 10s and 1s, but show that number names do not always follow along e.g. thirteen would probably make mor..
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