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Classroom Resources

Classroom Resources
Model: NS26 Finding Fractions
NS26 Finding Fractions..
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Model: Octoplay - 144 piece Hang pack
Octoplay - 144 piece Hang pack..
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Model: Octoplay-152 Piece fun pack
Octoplay-152 Piece fun pack -A bumper assortment of Octoplay with assorted shapes, including struts and the wheel set. 152 pieces in total...
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Model: Outstanding Student glitzy pencil pack 12
Outstanding Student glitzy pencil pack 1..
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Model: P13 Rimes Frieze
This frieze has 30 Picture/Sound examples. Can be mounted as a wall chart or joined together as a wall frieze, measuring 6.3metres x 200mm...
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Model: P30 Punctuation Police Frieze
P30 Punctuation Police Frieze Stop! Are you using question marks, full stops, commas and other forms of punctuation correctly in your writing? Ensure that pupils use correct punctuation by placing P.C. Punctuation around the classroom in the form of this 400 x 30cm wall frieze. Simply introduce new ..
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Model: Pass the Word Game
A lively speed spelling game. Race against the timer to put together a word! •Race against the timer! •Encourages literacy skills •Suitable for ages 5-9..
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Model: PCB80 Bar Magnet Pk2
Strong magnets enclosed in tough plastic outer casings 'colour coded red for north and blue for south. '80 x 22 x 10mm...
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Model: Pegboard & Pegs (Set include 5 pegboards & 1000
Pegboard & Pegs (Set include 5 pegboards & 1000 pegs)..
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Model: Phoneme Flip Stand
LT72 Phoneme Flip Stand Build the words at each Phase of Letters and Sounds with this handy flip stand. Colour-coded with our Smart Phonics colours, each stand consists of three phoneme cards and a picture card at the end. Pupils can choose a picture card, then flip over the letters to make up ..
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Model: PHS12 Horseshoe Magnet
A popular red & yellow plastic horseshoe magnet with keeper. The ideal magnet for early experiences of magnetic forces. Size: 120mm high...
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Model: Picture Caption Matching Phase Two
These illustrated jigsaws will provide pupils with a bridge between the reading of single words and the reading of sentences - all decodable and at the correct reading level. This boxed set (260 x 205mm) contains 20 self-correcting pieces, where only the correct pieces will fit together...
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