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Classroom Resources

Classroom Resources
Model: Picture Sentence Matching Phase Three
Allow children to further extend their reading skills by giving them practice in reading and understanding short texts which are fully decodable. This boxed set of 10 puzzle pairs are self-correcting, with only the correct pieces fitting together ages 5-8..
€16.84 €18.20
Ex Tax:€16.84
Model: Pirate Ship Jigsaw Puzzle
A challenging 100-piece pirate jigsaw puzzle. •100 piece shaped puzzle •Includes activity guide on the back of the box •Suitable for ages 5-9..
€12.75 €13.78
Ex Tax:€12.75
Model: Pirate Snakes and Ladders & Ludo Board Game
Two fun pirate themed traditional family games in one! •Double-sided playing board •Traditional family game! •Suitable for ages 5-9..
€12.03 €13.00
Ex Tax:€12.03
Model: Pizza, Pizza Game
Make a perfect pizza but do beware, there could be a slug or bug under there! •A fun colour and shape matching game •Encourages turn taking and social skills •Suitable for ages 3-7..
€12.03 €13.00
Ex Tax:€12.03
Model: Playing cards
Playing cards..
€1.25 €1.35
Ex Tax:€1.25
Model: PLC145X10 Small plotting compasses
Small plotting compasses box 10..
€5.76 €6.23
Ex Tax:€5.76
Model: Polydron Mega Tub - 126 Piece
Polydron Mega Tub - 126 Piece...Fantastic guide enclosed with fun model suggestions. Builds over 60 models...
€33.66 €36.39
Ex Tax:€33.66
Model: Polydron Mighty Tub- 223 Pieces
Polydron Mighty Tub- 223 Pieces This is our best selling tub set and includes wheels...
€62.52 €67.59
Ex Tax:€62.52
Model: Pop to the Shops International Board Game
The international version of our fun counting game, with cents replacing pence. •A shopping themed board game •Includes pretend money •Suitable for ages 5-9..
€12.03 €13.00
Ex Tax:€12.03
Model: Pupil Letter fans
A pack of 5 Pupil Sized Letter Fans. Each fan contains a mixture of 22 consonants, vowels and phonemes printed in two colours onto a durable yellow plastic swatch..
€23.08 €24.95
Ex Tax:€23.08
Model: Push/Pull Spring Scales SOLD AS ONE
Push/Pull Spring Scales SOLD AS ONE..
€7.22 €7.80
Ex Tax:€7.22
Model: Rain gauge
Rain gauge..
€10.58 €11.44
Ex Tax:€10.58
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