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Construction / Modeling

Construction / Modeling
Construction / Modeling
Model: Art cloths pegs
A set of 24 colourfully decorated wooden pegs. Use to hang artwork to dry, or to display artwork on a washing line. Approximate length 73mm...
Ex Tax:€6.03
Model: Casting /Plaster paris powder 3kg
Casting /Plaster paris powder 3kg..
Ex Tax:€8.31
Model: Classpack long art straws
Classpack long art straws box 3000 approx..
Ex Tax:€39.51
Model: Clay cutting wire
Braided steel wire for cutting clay and dough. Length 450mm, wooden handles on both ends. Ideal for cutting blocks of clay and for removing forms from the banding wheel...
Ex Tax:€1.25
Model: Clay Tools
Clay Tools bag 15..
Ex Tax:€9.88
Model: Clothes pegs 5/8"
Clothes pegs bag 5/8" Picture for illustration purpose only..
Ex Tax:€3.38
Model: Coloured ice sticks pack 150
Coloured ice sticks pack 150..
Ex Tax:€2.44
Model: Coloured match sticks bag 2000
Coloured match sticks bag 2000..
Ex Tax:€3.59
Model: Jumbo coloured ice sticks pack 200
Jumbo coloured ice sticks pack 200..
Ex Tax:€4.89
Model: Jumbo natural ice sticks pack 200
Jumbo natural ice sticks pack 200..
Ex Tax:€3.64
Model: Long art straws
Long art straws box 200 approx..
Ex Tax:€10.35
Model: Mod roc
Mod roc plaster paris on bandage..
Ex Tax:€3.07
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