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Forces & Motion

Forces & Motion
Forces & Motion
Model: 64623 Pulley Kit
Includes pulley blocks, water vessels and instructional guide..
Ex Tax:€19.75
Model: 64626 Double Pulley 50mm diameter
Double Pulley 50mm diameter..
Ex Tax:€3.50
Model: 64627 Triple Pulley 50mm diameter
Triple Pulley 50mm diameter..
Ex Tax:€4.75
Model: 83215 Push Pull Spring Balances
Set 6 Push Pull spring balances Blue 250g, Green 500g, Beige 1Kg, Red 2kg, White 3kg, Yellow 5kg..
Ex Tax:€32.24
Model: Push/Pull Spring Scales SOLD AS ONE
Push/Pull Spring Scales SOLD AS ONE..
Ex Tax:€7.80
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