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Language & Literacy

Language & Literacy
Model: 1787 Alphabet train bulletin board
10 letter trains pieces featuring uppercase lowercase illustrations 3.8meters long when assembled..
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Model: 3273 Shapes Bulletin Board Pack
This fun, shape-themed bulletin board set includes8 shapes (largest measures 17cm x 40cm) 8 shape words 16 shape accents (2 per sha pe) A resource guide..
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Model: 3284 Traits of Good Writing bulletin board display
This comprehensive, writing-themed set includes: 7 writing traits checklists (30cm x 43cm) 7 blank charts A writing tips poster A large pencil A header..
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Model: 6 Spelling Board Games
This complete set of 6 board games teaches various spelling patterns including anagrams, rimes, vowel sounds, syllables, silent letters and plurals. Ideal for small groups, these games are suitable for pupils aged 6-9, plus older children with special needs..
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Model: 741 Pocket Chart
This 34" x 45" pocket chart has 10 see through horizontal pockets (Cards not included)..
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Model: AO4 Let's Feel Sandpaper Letters
These easy-to-assemble sandpaper letters provide a range of visual, tactile and auditory learning activities, including learning letter formations, letter sounds and letter names. Use with a blindfold to guess the letter or with a piece of paper and crayon to make textured rubbings. Images correspon..
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Model: BB11 6 Memory skills games
Memories, Match and spot the difference with this revolutionary set of 6 x A3 Memory Skills Board games! Practises linking techniques for memorising lists; spot pictures differences and visually match the same cavemen and dinosaurs to move around exciting game boards. If that not enough for one set ..
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Model: ESP-2730-UK Great Value Hot Dots Laugh It Up! Set
Great value kit of self-checking vocabulary activities children master on their own Develop reading, writing and speaking skills with these engaging jokes, riddles and rhymes! Each colourful, self-checking card set includes 36 illustrated cards which provide 72 different activities. This complete ki..
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Model: ESP2736-UK Hot Dots Vocabulary Cards Spelling Set One
Children get instant reinforcement with these interactive Hot Dots cards, making practice time fun! Children select an answer on the multiple choice cards with the Talking Pen The pen shows a green or red light for immediate feedback Pens can also be set to an audio setting or fun sound effects ..
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Model: G13 Sentence Builder Flip Book
G13 Sentence Builder Flip Book This unique flip-stand provides the ideal way to teach children about the structure of sentences. The book is double-sided with different themes and sentence structure on each side. To aid learning, parts of speech are colour-coded into pronouns, nouns, verbs, adverbs,..
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Model: G15 High Frequency Word Flip Book
Use this double-sided High Frequency Word flip book to help pupils understand how words make up sentences. Containing words taken from the first 200 high frequency words learnt, this is the perfect resource to increase student's confidence in building sentences at an early level. One side display se..
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Model: Grammar & Spelling Rules Directory
W04 Spelling Rules Directory This colourful, illustrated spelling aid will teach children the tips and tricks that make spelling easier. The Spelling Rules Directory introduces spelling conventions and guidelines that generalise across many words. Rules are divided into positioning, suffixes and spe..
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