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48011 A6 Mirrors
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Model: 48011 A6 Mirrors
Single-sided optically excellent plastic mirrors. Simply score the surface with a sharp edge pack 10..
€9.35 €10.39
Ex Tax:€9.35
48154 Interactive Kaleidoscope Set
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Model: 48154 Interactive Kaleidoscope Set
The set contains: a sealed viewing tube with kaleidoscope mirrors in place and three alternative end pieces (a standard kaleidoscope, a fish eye lens to give multiple image effects and a pot which can be filled with your items). V iewing tube: 160mm x 30m..
€6.54 €7.27
Ex Tax:€6.54
48157 Colour Paddles
-10 %
Model: 48157 Colour Paddles
Transparent colour paddles in 6 different colours. Paddles have a hole in the handle so they can be strung together. Paddle length 150mm...
€5.15 €5.72
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61171 Student Periscope
-10 %
Model: 61171 Student Periscope
Pack consists of 10 self assembly mini periscopes made from tough, coated cardboard. A great and practical way to learn about reflection. Size: 160mm x 53mm...
€14.97 €16.63
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