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Model: PCB80 Bar Magnet Pk2
Strong magnets enclosed in tough plastic outer casings 'colour coded red for north and blue for south. '80 x 22 x 10mm...
€6.25 €6.76
Ex Tax:€6.25
Model: PHS12 Horseshoe Magnet
A popular red & yellow plastic horseshoe magnet with keeper. The ideal magnet for early experiences of magnetic forces. Size: 120mm high...
€8.65 €9.35
Ex Tax:€8.65
Model: PLC145X10 Small plotting compasses
Small plotting compasses box 10..
€5.76 €6.23
Ex Tax:€5.76
Model: WAN06 Magnetic Wand
Magnetic wand set 6..
€11.09 €11.99
Ex Tax:€11.09
Model: WANMARSET Magnetic Wand & Marble/Disc Set
Set of 2 magnetic wands and 10 coloured plastic marbles/Disc ideal for primary education..
€7.69 €8.31
Ex Tax:€7.69
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