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Printing Material

Printing Material
Printing Material
4" Lino roller
-15 %
Model: 4" Lino roller
4" Lino roller..
€5.30 €6.23
Ex Tax:€5.30
6" Lino Rollers
-15 %
Model: 6" Lino Rollers
6" Lino roller"..
€6.18 €7.27
Ex Tax:€6.18
A4 Lino Safe print sheets box 25
-15 %
Model: A4 Lino Safe print sheets box 25
A safe alternative to printing with polymer blocks. Impressions can be made in the foam using blunt objects, though sharp tools may be used if necessary. Ideal for use as an introduction to block printing. These foam sheets are also commonly used for model making, being easily cut with a craft knife..
€11.93 €14.04
Ex Tax:€11.93
Printing Ink 300ml
-15 %
Model: Printing Ink 300ml
300ml lino printing Ink..
€4.73 €5.56
Ex Tax:€4.73
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