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Sorting/Pattering & counting

Sorting/Pattering & counting
Model: LER0407 Fun Fish Counters
LER0407 Fun Fish Counters Bring counting and sorting to life with these fishy friends These colourful fish counters are ideal for a variety of early years activities. •Fish counters will help develop early counting, sorting and patterning skills •Play fish are ideal for imaginative play activit..
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Model: LER0564 Attribute lacing buttons tub 52
Large plastic buttons are perfect for small hands Develop hand-eye co&'45 ordination with lacing activities Large buttons come in four colours: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow Includes three shapes: Triangle, Square and Circle Tub 52..
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Model: LER0744 Three Bear Family Counter Set
Coloured plastic bears in three sizes and three weights are ideal for size-grading, mass comparison, counting and sorting. Bears are proportionally weighted for use on a balance. Includes storage bucket. Tub 96 6 colours..
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Model: LER0753 Three Bear Family® Double-Sided Pattern Cards
This set of 16 double-sided, full-colour activity cards match actual size of bear counters....
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Model: Farm Animal Counters Set 60
hese colourful and realistically detailed farm animal counters are ideal for a variety of simple activities that will build key skills in young learners.Engaging counters will introduce a variety of early maths skills:CountingSortingPatterningRealistically detailed animal models can be used as imagi..
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Model: LER2963 Gator Grabber Tweezers (Set of 12)
LER2963 Gator Grabber Tweezers (Set of 12) Themed alligator tweezers offer sorting fun for little hands Sized for even smaller hands and great for developing the pincer grasp; the key to fine motor skills! Adorable tweezers in six colours measure 10cm L and store in handy, resalable bucket..
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Model: LER4318 Attribute nut and bolts Tub 64
Develop fine motor skills with these colourful 6cm nuts and bolts! Provide a great focus for fidgeting fingers. Come in eight shapes and four colours and differ in size of thread. Tub 64..
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Model: LER6703 Snap-n-Learn® Counting Elephants
Explore early learning by the bucketful! Each appealing animal invites little hands to snap together and pull apart pieces, reinforcing fine motor skills. Great for animal-themed lessons and imaginative play too. Link them up from trunk to tail - sequence the elephants by number, colour or size. Eac..
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Model: LER7549 Connecting People
Perfect for helping young children count, compare and sort. These sturdy plastic connecting people come in male and female versions - three sizes of each in four colours. Smallest measures 3.5cm..
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Model: LSP 3158-UKM Connecting People® Double-Sided Activity Cards
LSP 3158-UKM Connecting People® Double-Sided Activity Cards Set of 16 Double-sided Activity Cards..
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Model: Tagged Laces set 5
Tagged Laces set 5..
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LER0177 Fruity Fun™ Counters (Set of 108)
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Model: LER0177 Fruity Fun™ Counters (Set of 108)
LER0177 Fruity Fun™ Counters (Set of 108)..
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